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Clean Room Enclosures and Laminar Flow Boxes from Hamburg

Clean air for precise measurements and production of the highest quality

Laminar Flow Box
Laminar Flow Box nordair-systems
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Reliable results in your laboratory

With the Laminar Flow Box create a clean room atmosphere in the workplace in no time at all. The built-in HEPA 14 filter removes over 99.995% of all particles from the air - and thus offers you the highest level of purity in your work.

With the Nordair Flow Box, we offer a very powerful device at an unbeatable price.

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Since the time when HEPA filters were introduced in military establishments for protection against particulate chemical, biological, and radiological warfare agents, HEPA filters have become an integral part of air-handling systems in virtually all laboratory and pharmaceutical establishments where clean and safe air is of paramount importance.
Dubey, Shiv C., et al. ¹⁸

Improve your industrial application

Whether in the laser laboratory or in semiconductor production: Sensitive systems place high demands on their environment. The finest dust particles in the air can lead to unpredictable results and, in the worst case, damage your structure. Reduce the complexity of your system by removing one variable:

of air pollution.

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Cleanroom Enclosure
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Air Purifier with HEPA H14 Filter
Raumluftreiniger mit HEPA H14 Filter nordair-systems
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Prevent staff shortage

The Nordair air purifier protects you from the coronavirus and other pathogens. With its HEPA 14 filter, it removes over 99.995% of all particles from the air and is therefore not only effective against viruses, but also against bacteria, pollen, spores and fine dust.

The coronavirus and many other pathogens are transmitted through the air 1. When speaking and breathing, humans generate many droplets that can be contaminated with pathogens. Larger drops can be stopped with masks or fall quickly to the ground. However, the smaller droplets, also called aerosols, can linger in the air for several hours 2. Air purifiers like the Nordair Pure can filter these aerosols out of the air. There are essentially two key figures involved 2:

Volume flow and effectiveness.

With the Nordair air purifier, we offer a very powerful device at an unbeatable price.

Discover now

What really matters

This makes room air purifiers with a large volume flow and high quality Class H14 filters From our point of view, it is a very useful technical solution to greatly reduce the indirect risk of infection from aerosols in schools, offices, shops, waiting rooms, community and club houses, lounges and dining rooms, etc.

Prof. Dr. Christian Kähler ²

Your Benefits

High volume flow

The volume flow rate indicates how many cubic meters of air can be purified per hour. To be adequately protected, even in a room with several people, requires an air exchange rate of 6 - 10 per hour 2 3 4. This means that the air purifier flow rate should be about six to ten times the room volume per hour. The Nordair air purifier performs a volume flow of up to 1,000 m³/h.

HEPA 14 filter

The Nordair Pure uses high quality HEPA 14 filters. Filters in this class have been used for many years in medical facilities such as hospitals 5 6. They remove from the air over 99.995% of particles with a size around 0.3 μm, the most difficult particle size to filter 7. For smaller particles, a different physical effect takes hold. Therefore, particles of coronavirus size around 0.1 μm, or larger aerosols contaminated with coronavirus, are separated virtually 100% 2 8 9. This makes the Nordair air purifier effective against other pathogens, such as flu viruses, as well as particulate matter and pollen.

Very low costs

In addition to the low purchase price, the Nordair Pure convinces with exceedingly low running costs. With only about 70 watts in continuous operation, the device is extremely energy efficient. Our filters are significantly more durable and cheaper than competing products. This way you can save on expensive maintenance contracts.

Low volume

The school class examined by Prof. Curtius considered a volume of 48 dB (A) as not disturbing 4. This corresponds roughly to the background noise of a quiet apartment. The Nordair Pure can therefore quietly clean 600 m³/h below 45 db(A) . In order to achieve a sufficient air exchange rate even in large rooms, several air purifiers can be used.

No drafts, not even directly in front of it

The air flow from our air purifiers is laminar, which means that it exits the filter without turbulence. People especially feel eddies on their skin 2, which is why you can hardly feel the airflow. So you can work directly in front of the device without it pulling.

Very low maintenance

Our air purifiers are based on filter fan units. These devices are installed in the ceiling in the semiconductor industry and clean the air for highly sensitive applications. They were developed to run continuously for many years with little maintenance. Therefore you only have to change the main filter every 1-2 years. The pre-filter has to be cleaned every 6 months. That is about five minutes of work.

Effect is scientifically proven

Scientists led by Prof. Kähler at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich have shown that air purifiers with a HEPA 14 filter can reduce the risk of infection 2 8 9.

Spin-off from the Helmut Schmidt University

Like many other institutions, the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg has dealt intensively with occupational safety and the protection of students during the corona pandemic. Room air cleaners play an important role in the developed concept.

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