Perfect alignment thanks to honeycomb breadboard: Our laminar flow boxes for InnoLas lasers

We are pleased to announce that we have recently delivered four of our high quality laminar flow boxes to InnoLas Laser. InnoLas Laser designs and manufactures top quality laser sources for scientific and industrial applications. We are proud that they have chosen us as a partner for their laser assembly workstations. Our laminar flow boxes offer precision and purity, meeting InnoLas Laser's requirements for modal attenuation and highest purity for their sensitive UV lasers.

Modal Attenuation and Precision:

Each laminar flow box has an integrated honeycomb optical breadboard that provides modal attenuation. This makes the boxes insensitive to vibration and creates a stable and precise working environment for complex alignment processes.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

We understand that in a cleanroom environment, flexibility and adaptability are of great importance. Our laminar flow boxes for InnoLas lasers are designed with additional curtains on the sides to provide flexibility in integrating cables, tubing and other connections. This feature allows InnoLas lasers to customize their work environment to meet their specific needs and achieve seamless integration of equipment and accessories

Highest purity for sensitive UV lasers:

As InnoLas Laser develops sensitive UV lasers, it was critical to use non-outgassing materials. Our laminar flow boxes were specifically designed with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) curtains to ensure optimal cleanliness. These TPE curtains provide an effective barrier against contaminants and protect InnoLas Laser's sensitive UV lasers from external influences.

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