Ideal working environment for precise optics inspection: Our laminar flow box for PRINTOPTIX

We are pleased to announce that our Laminar Flow Box is now diligently used by PRINTOPTIX. PRINTOPTIX is a specialist for the development and production of unique micro-optical components in a range from 10 µm to 2 mm on various substrates such as optical fiber tips, image sensors or LEDs. From the idea for a micro-optical component to the finished and optimized product as well as series production, PRINTOPTIX offers the entire process under one roof. Our Laminar Flow Box is specifically designed for optical inspection and provides a perfect working environment for its precise applications.

High contrast background for optical inspection

An outstanding feature of our Laminar Flow Box for PRINTOPTIX is the black background, which provides high contrast for optical inspection. The black background makes irregularities, scratches or other defects on the optics clearly visible, allowing for precise and efficient inspection. This contrast assists PRINTOPTIX in quality assurance and helps increase productivity.

Flexible closure and expandable work area

To ensure optimal flexibility, our Laminar Flow Box for PRINTOPTIX features a transparent PVC roller blind as a locking mechanism. This allows easy and flexible opening and closing of the box to facilitate access for optical inspection. In addition, we have joined two laminar flow boxes into one to create an expanded work area while facilitating transport into PRINTOPTIX's confined office space. This solution provides them with maximum efficiency and convenience.

Easy installation and reliable performance

When developing the Laminar Flow Box for PRINTOPTIX, a particular focus was on ease of installation. We made sure the box could be up and running quickly and integrated smoothly into the workflow.

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