Clean room enclosure for optical table: Class 5 Photonics relies on the individual solutions from Nordair Systems

We are pleased to announce that we recently supplied a custom cleanroom enclosure  to Class 5 Photonics. As a leading provider of ultrashort pulse laser systems and EUV sources for demanding applications ranging from bio-imaging to attosecond science, Class 5 Photonics relies heavily on the cleanliness of their working environment. Even the finest dust particles can deposit on the sensitive optics and lenses and distort the results. In the worst case, dust particles can be burned in by the laser and damage the surfaces of the optics, leading to time-consuming and costly repairs. Our custom cleanroom enclosure provides the ideal solution to remove these dust particles from the air and protect Class 5 Photonics' optics and lenses. By ensuring a contamination-free environment, the cleanroom enclosure enables reproducible measurements and consistent high quality of their products.

A customized solution for Class 5 Photonics:

A special requirement in the development of the cleanroom enclosure for Class 5 Photonics was the special shape of the optical table. Several optical tables are connected to form a "U", which we framed tightly. The modular design, consisting of individual smaller cleanroom enclosures, gives Class 5 Photonics the ability to adapt and expand their workspace as needed. This allows the entire workspace to easily grow with the optical table and meet changing requirements.

Flexibility and expandability:

An outstanding feature of our cleanroom enclosure is its flexibility and expandability. The open profile grooves of the cleanroom enclosure allow Class 5 Photonics to easily install numerous accessories. From shelves to monitor mounts to Zeiss lights, various components can be quickly and easily attached to further customize and optimize the workspace. This flexibility and adaptability make our cleanroom enclosure the ideal solution for Class 5 Photonics and their specific requirements.

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