Discover at productronica 2023 how you can increase your product quality and minimise operating costs with modern cleanroom technology

Welcome to the Future of Microelectronics

We warmly invite you to experience the advanced cleanroom technologies at productronica 2023, which will not only elevate your product quality to the next level but also significantly reduce your operational costs. Meet us in person and see how our innovations in cleanroom technology are shaping the future of microelectronics.

  • productronica is the global meeting place for all who want to be at the forefront of electronics manufacturing.
  • As a leading trade fair, it unites innovations, experts, and practical knowledge under one roof.
  • Nordair Systems is at the heart of this development, bringing cleanroom solutions specifically designed for the challenges and needs of microelectronics.

Let our modular cleanroom concepts on the Cleanroom Event Stage inspire you and learn how you can optimize your production environment with Nordair Systems.

A Nordair Laminar Flow Box as a cleanroom workstation for microelectronics and PCB manufacturing with an ionizer

What Can You Expect at the Cleanroom Live Demonstration at productronica 2023?

The Cleanroom Event Stage is the pulsating heart of productronica. Here, leading experts demonstrate the latest technologies and trends in cleanroom technology. Nordair Systems is proud to be an active part of this forward-looking platform.

  • Introduction to Cleanrooms: Basics and entry into the world of cleanroom technology.
  • Live Demonstrations: Practical demonstrations of cleanroom technologies and processes.
  • Expert Knowledge: Lectures by industry experts on the latest trends in cleanroom technology.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Opportunity for visitors to ask questions and receive direct feedback from experts.
  • Application Examples: Presentation of use cases and best practices.
  • Industry Networking: Opportunity to exchange and network with professionals and industry leaders.
  • Innovative Products: Presentation of new products and solutions in the cleanroom sector.
  • Contamination Control: Strategies and solutions for minimizing contamination.
  • Airflow Optimization: Techniques and systems for optimizing airflow in cleanrooms.
  • Material and Design Concepts: Insights into materials and design approaches for efficient cleanroom constructions.

Take the opportunity to exchange with our specialists and learn more about the latest innovations in cleanroom technology and how they can help you increase your product quality and reduce your costs.

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